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Terms and Conditions:

GTW IT Solutions is not responsible for any argument or conflict that occurs between the customer and the service provider.

The service provider bears full responsibility for his account, the content in his account and the lists created by him in applications GTW IT Solutions.

GTW IT Solutions is obligated to license the system for non-exclusive use during the customer’s subscription period for the paid period.

GTW IT Solutions has the right to terminate and stop the service if the service provider is misusing the platform.

GTW IT Solutions reserves the right to amend or replace any of the conditions or clauses mentioned on this page, or to change, suspend or suspend the service or platform (including but not limited to providing any feature or content) in At any time, by notification on the site, via e-mail, or any other communication method GTW IT Solutions may also place restrictions on certain features and services or limit your access to parts of the service or the entire service without notice or liability.

It is the responsibility of customers to review this page periodically if there is updated information.


You are not allowed to use the one of applications GTW IT Solutions:

Your account has already been disabled and you have been banned from using the system.

If you are a competitor or offer any product that competes with GTW IT Solutions.


Data confidentiality and security:

GTW IT Solutions ensures the security and protection of its customers’ data and uses proper procedures and safety standards in collecting, preserving, and dealing with data against unauthorized dealing.

GTW IT Solutions is committed not to sell, rent, or trade the data of its customers from the users of the system. Knowing that GTW IT Solutions may use a third party to help it implement its business and improve service quality.

The data is not shared with any official government agency except by an official letter addressed to the company for data disclosures in security and criminal cases.

Intellectual property rights:

All intellectual property rights for these services and all materials related to them or appearing on them (including any content that you provide or list – but not limited to) are the property of the GTW IT Solutions and registered with the Ministry of Commerce with Commercial Registry No. 4650079874.

No party or customer has the right to reproduce or allow any person or entity, for any reason, to use or reproduce the services and functions of the system or any trademarks or other trade names that appear in the services.


Any dispute, claim or disagreement arising out of or related to any clause of this agreement or any violation of it, its implementation, its interpretation, its validity, or the use of the site or the service and the platform shall be subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be interpreted in accordance with it.

The invalidity of any provision does not affect the provisions of user conditions that lie on the rest of the correctness of the other provisions contained in this Convention.

By using one of GTW IT Solutions, you agree to all terms, conditions, policies, and other things mentioned on this page.

If you have any inquiries or more information, please contact us through the following email:

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